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What You Can Do

Programs & Events

LESTA offers a variety of classes, workshops, and programs throughout the year. Please check our News and Events page for registration and sign up information!

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We have many opportunities for Board member Volunteers and for Non-Board member Volunteers. You do NOT need to be Bilingual, but if you are, that’s GREAT. We especially need volunteers in the LESTA office, as well as for assistance with publicity distribution and fund raising, as well as for Teaching Assistance with Bilingual Musical Theatre classes and camps. 

                                     Many Kinds of Volunteers Needed

                 1. LESTA Office volunteers, including especially:

                        A.  WEBSITE   and   B.  COMPUTER people to help update and get our recent

                                      COLOR PHOTOS, newspaper articles, radio interviews, onto this WEBSITE>

                 2. Publicity and Marketing volunteers

                 3. Class teaching volunteers

                 4. Fund Raising volunteers

                 5. Grant Writing Volunteer assistants
                 6. Literary - Bilingual Editing of Books to be published ***


                               LESTA in SUMMER 2018 VOLUNTEERS needed:

                                 SEE THE EVENTS PAGE for details of these classes, camps, events

        EMAIL Maestra /Teacher Cyndi to get LESTA VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM.  And/or

                      Call Teacher Cyndi at: (503) 617-6986 and please send RESUME.

Board Of Directors Volunteering

We have great opportunities for additional BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEMBERS.  The Board meets four times per year, on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON 2-3 pm.  Next is APRIL 22, 2018 at LESTA Studio.

In general, we would like to attract more Latino/Hispanic members for our Board, who are Bilingual. The Board meets four times per year on 3RD Sunday in January, April, July and October. A few various other hours may be needed, depending on the Board Member’s responsibilities.

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If you are an individual or family wishing to donate time, money, or needed items, since LESTA is a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit organization, you can donate money and charitable items which could be used as PROPS/COSTUMES or for CRAFTS for our BILINGUAL MUSICAL THEATRE SHOWS. These donations are tax-deductible. Please Contact Us for details on how you can help!

If you are an organization that provides funding for programs such as those that LESTA offers, please contact Cyndi Turtledove directly at 503-617-6986.

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     Career Opportunities

LESTA is in the process of writing Grant Proposals to Private Foundations and Government Agencies to raise funds to provide Operating and Marketing expenses, as well as Teacher Training Workshops so that we can develop qualified Bilingual Musical Theatre teachers to work with Cyndi and be paid for their work. Get involved with this great Bilingual - Bicultural Community Service organization and see what we can do together!   ¡Nos vemos!

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